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Property Management

"Exceeding Expectations"

We manage deposits, collect rent and adhere to legal obligations and safety requirements for our landlords. Our portfolio consists od different types of properties across the Nation and we have different types of clients, Homeowners with one or two properties right up to large investors that benefit from our dedicated team of experienced and qualified property managers and partners.
Our service is fully flexible. From maintenance, caretaking and financial management, to property investment advice and compliance, we tailor our service to suit your requirements.

Our Property Management Services include

Rent Demands & Collections

Tenant Payment Control

We engage with your tenants to ensure rent is recieved and paid into your account on agreed dates.


Reporting (upon request) 

Information reqired for Tax Purposes or your own database

Repairs & Maintenance

- Scheduled Property Inspections

For Peace of mind  and to ensure you property is being looked after.  

- We work with the best experienced,vettied and certified maintenace contractors for all reactive and planned works/repairs 

Health and Safety


We keep upto date with legislation / requirements for you. 

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